At First Baptist, our worship style is blended with hymns and praise choruses, organ, piano and harp. Throughout the year we also use drama to deliver the message of Christ.

The sermons are generally expository in nature, that is, we analyze what the passage meant to the original audience, take that meaning and apply it to our lives today.

If you are new to the area, looking for a church home, or are just exploring your spiritual life, please come and join us. Bring your questions. Be ready for a challenge. Come and be transformed!

Reflection Story


“Thanksgiving Anyway!”

Most folks look at Thanksgiving in slightly different ways.  I think its all in how we have grown up, what sort of traditions we’ve had, our current celebration or observance of a time that we all have drilled into our hearts and minds of the first Thanksgiving “meal” between Europeans and Native Americans.  If you have ever had an opportunity to take a close look at some of the details of that original meal, it was very different than the Thanksgiving we celebrate today in some fashion or another.  Whatever their reasons, and the Jamestown community didn’t have too many reasons to celebrate. (many had died from scurvy, different forms of influenza, etc.)  And then there was the inherent mistrust between the two groups.  A history teacher could go into much further detail than I.

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