We’re glad you found our home on the web. We invite you to visit us on Facebook as well. The first question visitors usually wonder is, “will I feel welcomed visiting this church?” Our answer is we sure hope so.

Our services are informal and everyone, unbelievers, skeptics, seekers and believers are welcome. Our focus is on worshiping God and not a political agenda. We sing contemporary and traditional songs, the sermon is practical and worship lasts approximately one hour.

We provide child care but kids are welcome to worship with us. Truth be told we like a little chaos and informality.

Our Pastor (Dave) emphasizes 5 Core Beliefs:

1. God loves me, despite the things I’ve done that no one else knows.

2. Jesus forgives me of my sins, even for those sins, I can’t forgive myself.

3. My purpose on earth is to love God, love others and love myself.

4. We did not earn God’s love and therefore we cannot lose it.

5. Our eternity is certain in Jesus.

Our church believes in the right of every person to thoughtfully decide what they believe and how they choose to live. Come visit us—you’ll fit right in!

From the Pastor

“New Sermon Series”

Over the next several months we will be examining; can we take God at his word? Can we trust him with our families, careers, health and our lives? The quick and simple “church” answer is, of course, yes. However, often our circumstances suggest that it doesn’t seem like God is paying attention. Sometimes let’s admit it, it seems like God doesn’t care. It appears based on our circumstances that God has lost control of planet earth.

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